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When Ford Motor Company purchased Michigan Central Station in 2018 in Corktown, Detroit, the landmark had been vacant for years. Billionaire Matty Moroun’s company Controlled Terminals Inc. owned the station since 1992, promising restoration plans that never transpired. The station decayed over time from years of neglect and turned into a symbol of the blight representative of Detroit’s now-infamous past.

Now, Michigan Central Station seems poised to represent a symbol of the City’s revival. When Bill Ford Jr. made it the company’s mission to purchase the iconic station, his vision was to invest in the future of transportation – in technology such as self-driving vehicles – and to return Detroit to being a global center of mobility innovation, with the station as the linchpin.

For a neighborhood that has been hit hard by the city’s decline and only in the past few years seen residential and business investments, Ford’s Corktown investment has the power to transform not only the train station, but Southeast Michigan as a whole.

Many are now wondering: what will happen to the Corktown neighborhood now that Ford Motor Company, one of the largest automotive companies in the world, is investing heavily in it?

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