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Collaboration has always been at the core of our vision for Michigan Central. We are building an open platform and a vibrant innovation ecosystem that will bring together the best startups, the smartest talent, and a diverse group of thinkers, engineers, leaders and problem-solvers.

We must build for the world we are moving into, not the one we’ve always known. Designing new solutions for the way people and goods will move around in the future.

Our work has already brought ambitious plans to the streets around Michigan Central and beyond. In August 2020, Bill Ford joined Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Detroit’s Mayor Mike Duggan, representatives from Cavnue, and a host of other collaborators to announce an initiative to develop a first-of-its-kind corridor for connected and autonomous vehicles to improve transportation across Southeast Michigan – a project first envisioned by Ford’s executive chairman in 2018.

Michigan Central will drive the next evolution in urban transportation. One that will increase mobility access for everyone and prepare cities, regions and the world for a more connected, autonomous and electrified future.

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Michigan Central was created by Ford as a world-class platform for innovation that’s open to all.

Michigan Central is a pivotal project for the future of Ford Motor Company, the future of Detroit, and the future of our industry. Built on the foundation of partnership and collaboration.Bringing the world’s best minds together, to change the world.As a founding partner, Ford is investing over one billion dollars to bring this vision to life.

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A monumental partnership with tech giant Google, whose unparalleled data management capabilities will support the entire district. The first task at hand: workforce development.

Google’s Code Next program will bring free coding education to high schoolers all across Michigan, providing the skills and inspiration needed to cultivate the next generation of Black, Latinx, and Native tech leaders.

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State of Michigan x City of Detroit

A landmark agreement with the State of Michigan and the city of Detroit.
Setting a new global standard for public-private partnership.

A collaboration designed to:

  • foster innovation
  • modernize regulations
  • build a safe and fast piloting process for new mobility solutions
  • provide an unparalleled infrastructure to support innovation

City of Detroit and State of Michigan
Learn more about the Mobility Corridor partnership

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A collaboration with Newlab, which built a proven center for innovation in Brooklyn. Laying the foundation of our mobility innovation ecosystem.

Together, we’ve already launched two studios:

The Accessible Streets Studio

  • Seven companies selected to pilot cutting-edge tech to meet community needs.
  • Project began by listening to Michigan Central community members to understand local mobility challenges

The Mobility Studio

  • Five companies chosen because of their groundbreaking work with electric vehicles and other clean mobility tech.
  • Innovating to drive a cleaner transportation future.

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Autonomous Vehicle Testing in Detroit

Ford is actively testing a fleet of self-driving vehicles with our collaborator Argo AI on the streets of Detroit, as well as five other cities – Austin, Miami, Palo Alto, Pittsburgh and Washington D.C. 

Our goal is to help improve safety and mobility in cities and towns, whether that is creating smart infrastructure or smarter vehicles. We also want to ensure we are establishing trust in the cities where we operate so we work closely with city leaders in everything we do. 

Two people sit inside every vehicle on the road, monitoring performance, and the vehicles are equipped with a sophisticated sensor suite, including radar, lidar and cameras with high resolution and dynamic range.

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Autonomous Car

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