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Google’s Code Next Detroit is a free computer science education program that meets Black, Latinx and Native American high school students in their own communities and provides the skills and inspiration they need for long and rewarding careers in computer science-related fields. Michigan Central’s Code Next Detroit Lab offers students free hands-on training and direct access to professional mentors, tech experts, and state of art technologies like 3D printing and augmented reality.

Two Code Next students high-five.

Are you or your high-schooler interested in Code Next Detroit? The 2023-2024 winter semester applications are open now through August 4th. If you are a Detroit-area high school student interested in finding more information or applying, follow this link.

To learn more about the experiences available, Code Next Detroit instructor Naomi Hill recently spent some time with Israel Muniz, a 9th grade student enrolled in the program. Here’s what he had to say:

Naomi: What do you enjoy most about the Code Next program?

Israel: The thing that I enjoy most about Code Next is that it challenges you to expand your knowledge base in the area of computer science and engineering while allowing space for you to learn at your own pace. It also gives you the opportunity to directly engage with new technology, like 3D printing and coding, but in a learning environment that’s more inviting than a traditional classroom.

Naomi: What surprised you most about Code Next?

Israel: When I read the initial information before applying, I thought it was too good to be true. So, the most surprising part about it was partially that it wasn’t a scam. But more importantly, Code Next is a place where there are others who have the same interests as me, where I don’t feel out of place with my ideas for new ingenuity. Code Next makes me feel like I’m not alone and a part of something so much bigger. In all it has exceeded my expectations— from the curriculum, to the students I’ve developed relationships with, to the coaches who encourage us to push the limits of our thinking.

Naomi: What experiences have you had through Code Next that are different from your high school experience?

Israel: I’ve had so many amazing experiences, from meeting the Lt. Governor of Michigan to participating in the #IamRemarkable workshop. Code Next is an amazing way to escape and learn amazing new tech in a chill environment.

Naomi: Has Code Next given you motivation to explore a career in mobility or computer science?

Israel: Code Next has helped me begin to focus on my college and career path. I knew that I enjoyed gaming, architecture and media before participating in this program. But my experience has clarified the broad range of opportunities that are available. I’ve also been able to explore dual enrollment options for college credits and the coaches are always willing to sit down and help you decide what path you may take.

Naomi: Do you enjoy coming to Michigan Central for Code Next?

Israel: To say I love coming to Code Next is an understatement. If I’m being completely honest, I hate that it’s only 5 days out of the week. Even though it’s only a couple hours a week I cherish every moment and never want to leave.

Naomi: Thanks Israel! And good luck in the future!

Israel: Thank you too!

Special thanks to Israel Muniz, Asim Williams, Naomi Hill and Nando Felten from Code Next Detroit!

Do you think you are a good fit for Code Next Detroit? Applications for the 2023-24 year are open now through August 4th.
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