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Have you noticed new signs describing technology projects that are being piloted in Corktown?

Michigan Central has partnered with communications and transparency experts Helpful Places to design a new initiative to ensure that residents know exactly what is happening with new technology in the neighborhood.

Used in cities from Australia to Boston, the Digital Trust For Places and Routines (DTPR) is a set of guidelines to increase transparency, legibility, and accountability for digital technology in public places, like around Michigan Central in Detroit. It includes signage, flyers, and a digital “transparency portal,” where residents can learn more about projects and share feedback.

“We’re so excited that Michigan Central has joined this global group of organizations which recognize sharing information and creating space for dialogue is critical to building trust between residents and technologists,” said Jacqueline Lu, President and Co-Founder of Helpful Places.

Over time, these new guidelines will ensure the public is always informed while building a common language for presenting new technology safely and openly to the public. Visit the portal at