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Michigan Central and Henry Ford Health are proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership aimed at revolutionizing the intersection of mobility and healthcare in Detroit. This partnership marks a significant milestone in the shared commitment of these two Detroit-based institutions to drive positive change within the local community.

The partnership between Henry Ford Health and Michigan Central signifies a strategic alliance dedicated to pioneering new solutions that address critical issues facing Detroiters—including accessibility to healthcare, community health network, and workforce development—as well as collaboration on future infrastructure of Destination Grand: Henry Ford Health’s transformative expansion of its Detroit flagship hospital scheduled to open in 2029.

“We are thrilled to partner with Henry Ford Health,” said Josh Sirefman, CEO at Michigan Central. “Together, we have the opportunity to leverage our collective strengths to improve the well-being of Detroit residents while driving innovation and economic growth. This collaboration underscores our shared commitment to reimagining the future of mobility and healthcare, and we are excited about the transformative impact it will have on our community.”

Henry Ford Health joins Google as Michigan Central’s second Founding Member, sharing in a commitment to invest in Detroit’s future. The partnership will focus on three key pillars:

  1. Innovative Research and Development: Collaborating on cutting-edge research initiatives aimed at advancing mobility and healthcare technologies—including autonomous supply chain solutions, inner-campus drone operations, and other pilot programs—and the synthesis of findings to drive tangible outcomes.
  2. Community Engagement Initiatives: Working closely with the Detroit community through joint workforce development programs, educational sessions, and the transparent introduction of innovative solutions tailored to local needs.
  3. Knowledge Sharing and Best Practices: Exchanging insights and expertise on infrastructure, energy, and mobility, particularly in the context of redefining urban connectivity and policy development, as Henry Ford Health’s major $2 billion Detroit hospital expansion takes shape.

“We are proud to be a founding member and join forces with Michigan Central in this cross-industry partnership,” said Bob Riney, President and CEO of Henry Ford Health. “By combining our healthcare expertise with Michigan Central’s leadership in mobility innovation, we hope to create meaningful solutions and technology that reimagines and redefines what health and wellbeing looks like for our Detroit neighbors and beyond. Together, we are committed to driving progress, fostering collaboration, and building a brighter future for our community.”

This partnering serves as a testament to the ongoing commitment of both organizations to drive meaningful impact in Detroit. As pioneers in their respective sectors, Michigan Central and Henry Ford Health are poised to lead the way in redefining the future of mobility and healthcare, with far-reaching implications for society as a whole.

This announcement precedes the grand opening of Michigan Central Station—the heart of Michigan Central’s 30-acre district in Corktown—on June 6, 2024, celebrating the six-year restoration by Ford Motor Company and beginning a new chapter for the iconic and historic structure. For more information, visit the event page.