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In 2022, the Michigan Central Art Program solicited nearly 60 proposals from local artists interested in creating public art installations at the Bagley Mobility Hub, which sits at the trailhead of the new Southwest Greenway. The three selected artists began work last fall, and two finished works have already been unveiled to the public. 

Senghor Reid — artist, educator and Detroit native — brings water to life on three 40-foot-tall cisterns, using color and texture to depict the movement of the Great Lakes and Detroit River.

“The Hub and greenway are a living space, a beacon of light and color extending the vibrancy of Southwest Detroit to the riverfront,” Reid said.

Along Bagley Street, a 97-foot-long mural was recently completed by Southwest Detroit-based Garage Cultural’s Art on the Block initiative. Combining themes of resiliency, nature and technology, the piece is inspired by the Equitable Internet Initiative, a resident-led project addressing internet access gaps in Detroit. 

“This installation celebrates the vision of a healthy and accessible digital ecosystem by allowing all communities to communicate and participate in society,” said Garage Cultural’s Amelia Duran. “We teamed youth from Urban Neighborhood Initiatives’ Southwest Urban Arts Mural Project with established artists DeMaciiio and MasPaz to spark collaborative learning and multi-generational exchange.” 

“It’s good to see Michigan Central involving local businesses,” said Rolando Garcia from Vector Lab, who installed the artwork. “We’re proud of our neighborhood, and we know what our local communities will embrace.” 

“We’re integrating art throughout Michigan Central to celebrate culture and inspire creative exchange,” said Nate Wallace, Michigan Central’s head of civic partnerships. “Art is a vehicle for building community, and there will be more opportunities for artists as we move forward.”

This summer, Corktown-based artist Patrick Ethen’s kinetic light sculpture will illuminate the Bagley Mobility Hub’s six-story stairwell on the greenway.